How do I generate stable cell lines?

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Stable cell line development plays a major role in developing robust, cost-effective biologic processes. It is the bridge connecting drug discovery and development. Drug developers need rapid availability of high-performing mammalian cell lines for therapeutic protein production. A stable and productive cell line can always save your valuable time and lower your production cost.

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The process of stable cell line development consists of codon optimization for host cell line (CHO cell) and gene synthesis, subcloning target genes into the expression vector, transfection grade plasmid preparation, stable cell pool screening, single cell clone screening with limited dilution cloning method, monoclonality confirmation by clone imaging and fed-batch culture to evaluate the expression level of single cell clone. Then primary cell bank (PCB) is generated.

The development timeline, titer and stability are the key indicators for a good cell line. GenScript ProBio will provide you the cell lines development service with accelerated timeline, high quality delivery and extensive understanding of drug development to help you get your own success. The development time from DNA to PCB generation only costs 3.5 months. ProCLD cell line development service has shown great performance both in stability and productivity. The yield titer

can reach an average of 4.35g/L, up to 8.70g/L. The stability can reach 60-90 generations. GenScript ProBio is experienced with 300+ stable cell line development projects and 6 projects have got IND approvals.

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GenScript ProBio also licenses the CHOK1-GenS cell line development system to biopharma companies for commercial use. GenScript ProBio is one of the earliest companies getting the CHO-K1 commercial use license and sublicense agreement from ECACC. CHOK1-GenS cell line development system will provide you the CHO-K1 host cell and proprietary expression vector package with high productivity and stability, clear IP, full traceability, detailed protocols and one-time payment without royalty. lients can build your own cell line development platform based on the mature system.